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Understanding People Relations

Who Are You, How Did You Get To Be You?

Who taught you to think as you do and act as you do? Create a chart with these headings: Family, School, Religion and Worldview. Next note who your influencers were in each of these areas.  List five specifics that they taught and if perspectives vary within your family and community. If so, why?

What Are The "SIGNS"?

Often understanding comes easier

when we move out of our environment

into an unfamiliar territory. 

Discussions of race relations in America are sometimes hampered by misunderstanding why people act as they naturally do. Watch both seasons of Netflix SIGNS set in Poland. Pay attention to human decision-making and why. List observed negative and positive interactions and social status positions. What does justice look like for whom? What motivates beliefs into actions? How does history and religion impact storylines? Note ethnicity similarities that negates racial bias.

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What Are Your Choices Telling?

Stereotype Reinforcement

Manifest on Netflix illustrates how life dictates script writing reflective of the society represented. Watch the first episode and note stereotypes widely held for the following ethnicities.

  • white men

  • white women

  • white families

  • Asia representatives

  • Black immigrants

  • Black Americans

Note who cries and who is strong. What jobs are predictable per ethnicity? Why were no Black ADOS on the plane?


Immigration and Assylum Seeking is rampant

as the world shifts from home to new locations

for "better life" opportunities. Where do they go

and why? If better life means safety, economic

gains and peace in countries run by better leaders than at home, then where are they leaving (why?) and where are they landing? Answering these questions can create an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing dynamic for "people of color." What are they saying about homeland leaders, lifestyles and the society of LOOK like them people? Does their behavior say "I choose not to live with people who look like me?" This, even in countries with histories of racial discrimination.


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Homeland Pride

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Examine ramifications of ethnic unity in multicultural societies when Homeland Pride and a need to "represent loyalties" clash with bonding around a single flag. 

What other ways is this manifest by immigrants through some level of old homeland identity, loyalty and traditions?

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How equal justice?

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