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The Good Seed

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Planting Goals For Life

Nations, like ethnic groups, acquire reputations for their beliefs and practices. How did they learn these lifestyles? What influenced acceptance and perpetuation of their particular system that is both similar and varied?

I am often a critic of the love of money and by any means necessary representatives in humankind, however short sighted that may be. Reality informs me that if we substitute the concept “money” for other lofty ideals, it levels the playing field for critique. Though some free thinking individuals are able to partly release themselves from rat race lifestyles, most of us cling to cultural teachings. Those who stray are sometimes short, adventurous excursions before finding the way back home.

Consider childhood training from parental indoctrination. Do you say grace before a meal and bedtime prayers? Do you save money or spend freely? Do you make volunteer and charity causes a significant part of life? Do you spend outdoor time visiting waterfronts or mountain retreats over Vegas and entertainment spots? Do you travel internationally? Where do you go? Do you immigrate, migrate, or stay close to home for a lifetime?

It’s fascinating to explore these issues from a social and cultural perspective. It’s essential to learn how we become who we are and what we teach our children to understand identity. We plant in them seeds that direct their life journey. They don’t wake up and create a plan for life independently. We also teach them how to interact with in- and out-groups this way.

So, let’s look at some basic philosophies for what is taught as important for your time on the planet. Priority dictates survival, the getting of what we need. After that, we become creative in expressing religion, arts, study, exploration and self-actualization. An artist’s palette of choices. Let’s look at some of these tools.

· I want what I want and life is short. Enjoying life is better than hardship and struggle. Therefore, it is incumbent that we have the resources to achieve joy and happiness. Is that money, power, privileges, access to knowledge, to people who are beneficial to my success? I will work hard and do what is necessary to get there.

· Impress others with our achievements so that they will never disrespect us again. Get multiple college degrees, attain high offices around the world and at home, teach your children to excel and become model representatives of our ethnic group.

· Your hope is not embedded in home but in elsewhere lands. Prepare yourself from the earliest years to escape the negative and hopeless conditions around your people and realize your earthly achievements in a place where they can be rewarded. For those who cannot make it out, do what you can to support them. Pray that those who remain can create change in the homeland.

· If you can obtain resources to better yourself, your family and your nation, it is your entitlement to do what is necessary to achieve these goals. The world is the palette from which you create. Tap the resources with strategies that create welcome or by force. Domination and change are constant and natural. Let us be the victors this time.

· Religion guides everything in our culture and must be respected and preserved. Our beliefs have stood the tests of time for best outcomes, living together without outside interference. We follow our guides and worship our deity. Violations to our codes will be strictly and severely enforced by trial and punishment. Blessed be the name of our Lord.

· Look not to the ways of this world, set as your earthly goal the things of your God. Look not at money, power and accumulation of things that will be left here after you die. Look to being good and kind, in service to others. Rise above what is natural and look to the transformative powers of the spiritual to receive your reward after life ends on earth. Leaving goodness behind is representative of a purposed life.

· There is no selfless person, group or nation.

If you are given a homeland checkbox to choose your residency, which belief system would you honestly want to live within? That is what you teach as good parents, educators, legislators, church leaders and worldwide charity workers.

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