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Happy Thanksgiving

Sensitizing Truth: When Invasion Was Noble and Normal

And forgive us our trespasses The Lord’s Prayer

The first Thanksgiving, Norman Rockwell renderings, Black, white and people of color American families celebrating together, thanking God for their wellbeing in this land. Is this insensitive to Native Americans?

The National Day of Mourning is held on the third Thursday in November to coincide with Thanksgiving. Natives Americans see nothing to be thankful for on that day. What, celebrate their struggles in their homeland, takeover, enslavement, attempted annihilation, forced displacement? Celebrate continued discrimination and humiliation from foreign invaders?

Worldwide, humankind began settling into territories after the nomadic hunter-gatherer period. They claimed territory for communal lifestyles and protected against invasion. However, the need or desire for additional resources was addressed through warfare, invasions and warrior training. These practices were standard and accepted, if also cruel and deadly. Great warriors of that time are celebrated today as heroes.

Two principles prevailed. 1. What is mine is mine, and I want to keep what is mine. Respect my sovereignty. 2. What I need or want is open season to take in any way deemed acceptable during our time in history.

Our time in history. During antiquity, ancient empires in Greece, Rome, Egypt and Phoenicia dominated weaker societies to expand their territories.

Colonialism became synonymous with respected exploration by world powers to build wealth for their homelands as sanctioned by nationalism. This fair practice was seen on every continent and by every known people. Not unlike our current race to space to plant flags.

What of the indigenous? Similar stories everywhere from invasion have predictable outcomes. First, friendship and trust with helping them survive in a foreign environment. Next, invasion as more come with feelings of entitlement to have what belongs to others. Conflict, resentment, push back and the inevitable takeover. Finally, blending of peoples to create “new” groups turn citizens. But, when do you accept defeat and loss graciously? Can you get over the insult of what was “taken by force?” Why do invaders expect a warm reception from the displaced?

Is it, was it ever humane to invade and abuse those who rightfully owned that territory? What do history, philosophy, religion, humanitarians, the laws of nature, conscientiousness, lived experiences report? What of contemporary invasion, be it by migrants, refugees, legal and illegal immigrants, over-stay visitors, birthright children, Dreamers, etc.? These are beliefs of this period in time.

Do you ask why these groups are identified when accepted today, celebrated as normalized practices by contemporary standards? Do we overlook historical evidence and the anticipated consequences of being forced to share finite resources? Do we acknowledge government reports that document the impact of immigration on Black people? This period in time.

Luke 11:17 Jesus said, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and the house divided against a house falleth

As we celebrate family, love and belief in God this Thanksgiving, we should also spend a moment examining the costs.

Thou shall not covet they neighbors house, wife, servants, anything that is thy neighbors

10th Commandment

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