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Building A Nation

What Does It Mean?

The concept of nation building is best dissected from a micro approach. Families and community are created for protection, common values and lifestyles with language and commitment to one another. The larger family, if you will is our vicinity. We know each other in this community and when one is in need we rally round to help.

State, territory, region, province, nation, all represent spaces controlled by group interests. When that space operates like the supportive community then peace, harmony, love and “happiness” prevails. But, what threatens this state of being? Threats are as common as life itself. They are internal and external. They have at least one common feature, selfish gain. Be it the out of control growth of chocking vines that devour productive landscape or warring colonials.

From this framework we look again at the concept of nation building in America. There was never one nation represented here even as England dominated development of government which was modeled on British law. From the beginning of occupied America, exclusion of all people not protected by British law was the norm regardless of race, color, ethnicity or indigenous status.

Therefore, the lofty principals of one nation under God was more concept than application from the beginning, laying a foundation for what is evident today. They set the tone for nation building based on “group” nationality. Group nationality is demonstrated around the world by open pledges by resettlement groups with stated goals of group building over nation building.

“I came to America so that my people can have a better life.”

America embraced the concept of nation building when people of all colors, homelands and traditions settled to make America home. The commitment to build, to uplift, to die for America was established. They called it the American Dream. One country together for the common good. This commitment was articulated by President Kennedy at his inauguration with “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Barbara Jordan, while chair of the Commission on Immigration Reform, identified a shift in the building of America while tracking trends of group nationality. She stated, "But, this is the great danger America faces. That we will cease to be one nation and become instead a collection of interest groups. Each seeking to satisfy private wants."

Group nationality is not consistent with nation building. By promoting America as the promised land of opportunity, where anybody who works hard can acquire the “Dream” encouraged people from every corner of the world to come. Having a common good practice of educating every child here opened the door for our southern neighbor, to send millions of citizen’s children here for free education while remitting billions of dollars home.

Abundant citizen rights and benefits wherever they may be open doors to opportunist. Know that opportunist are the adventurers who win, succeed, press and overcome. They take a chance to improve the lives of those they love. They were the Pilgrims, the colonials, the French and Dutch and Portuguese and Spanish who overtook natives in countries around the world. They are the people who enter countries legally and illegally to take advantage of what is perceived as their due. Yes, they take advantage just as every breathing beings does.

America has built a “Group Nation.” Despite the foundational history of citizens deemed “natives” today, with generational roots and ancestors buried in the soil, Jordan affirms that many people come for less noble causes than nation building. Millions come and even become citizens with the plan to retire back “home.” If they die before that time, they want to be buried back “home.” They return in record numbers denouncing citizenship since the Obama administration required worldwide Americans having to pay taxes. They take with them their U.S. Social Security, retirement and investments for a comfortable income at "home."

Group Nation becomes a subset of Americans. They are good people who believe that what is best for their group is what sustains their commitment to America. Their political and social values center on Group well being. The overarching question is always, "how does this impact our Group?" Register people to vote our issues. Encourage more of our group to answer Census questions for representation. Marry an American if that will allow your family to join you. Join us in ethnic enclaves and live like in the homeland. Fight to protect our Group from interference.

The creation of Group nation’s inevitably create group conflicts that we observe in every nation. Studying race relations is more catch-all terminology for group relations. How do we build nations of groups supportive of the entirety? You begin by understanding and respecting the fundamental truths of group adherence and group defense.

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