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Bermuda Triangle

In my opinion, Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I know because as a young child my family joined my father stationed at Kindley Air Force Base and spent the summer there. Oh, the joys of clear ocean water, brilliant sunshine, colorful houses, cricket matches, seafood on the beach, hugh brown pennies and welcome within the native Black community like extended kin. We attended church with them, socialized at beach parties, met the local leaders and became lifelong friends.

A gave myself a birthday present a few years ago of returning with my grown children and grands. Still beautiful but this time as a tourist with no access to the Black community.

What an eye opener when on arrival we were required to show certified departure plans. Only when satisfied of our return, we were admitted to the island. This is Bermuda's Triangle plan.

Saving or protecting their paradise is serious business in Bermuda. Understood, because Bermuda is one of the only places in the world that I would give consideration to living for the rest of my life. But, they have other ideas.

No matter my education, character, achievements, values and history of doing good, they say it is not personal. "Our's is a small network of islands with limited resources. We like it just as it is. Besides, you have a homeland." Period.

As a tourist I can stay no more than 21 days. Citizenship is precious and permanent status is only possible if I marry a Bermudan citizen of the opposite sex and stay married and live for ten years there. Bermuda has high control over the lives of non-nationals, who pay different prices for many things, like rent.

I cannot easily obtain employment in Bermuda. Non-citizen jobs are temporary, not to exceed two years. It is very difficult or even impossible to import workers from developing nations to Bermuda. You are also not allowed to start your own business when you are in Bermuda.

Our Country, Our Paradise, Our Needs

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