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Be Thankful Native Americans

Native Americans, you don’t feel blessed by diversity?

Nice people, religious people came seeking better lives and some wanted to building a new nation.

All this land when people were hurting in their own homeland.

Ok, they did not know your history or traditions or the culture of your tribes, or your languages and familiar ways of life. But they wanted to live here and find their blessings here. A better life.

Yes, they imposed a foreign language on you and told you to learn it to “fit in” with the new ways.

Yes, they enslaved you, warred with you over territory, killed you with diseases, deported and sent you on a trail of tears, but you got reservations, regular income from the government, pow-wows. Didn’t you get November as Native American Indian Heritage Month in 1990?

And, you get to live in the best and richest country in the world.

Yes, today more ethnics groups claim some of America, but they don’t crowd you out since you have reservations.

But, watch out, some ethnics practice identity politics that will not work well for you.

This is the cost for progressive advancement started for you during the 15th century. How many foreign nations bartered for your land and divided it from the shores of Europe?

That aside, haven’t you met wonderful, kind, loving Americans who sympathize and support your land claims. You would not have met them if not for their ancestors “discovering” your nation.

I’m ADOS, also native to America and our familiars are being taken as well. But we get no sympathy, we are pushed aside with no set aside lands to claim. We are told that we cannot do tech and science, so immigrants must come and do those jobs. We have been melting potted into acceptance of diversity worship despite a cost to us in jobs, competition, lawsuits for benefiting from Affirmative Action from newly arrived ethnics, shared finite entitlements that hurt our children and we are told to embrace and celebrate diversity.

Some of us are also native American, but there is not recognition of this and no entitlement to what you get despite same ancestors. No special education plans for us.

Yes, I understand that fairness is subjective, but I guess that is just the way of the new world order copying the old world order.

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