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We Own Our Familiar

They Define Who We Are

Sunset over the mountains

Taste of pure mountain water

The warm surf on your back

Ripe fruit juice running down your chin

Sight of the soil turning with the plow

Night sounds that soothe inner city dwellers to sleep

What are your familiars from childhood? What makes you smile to remember how it was then?

Saturday chores, shopping, baseball games, hangouts and movies

Sunday church, family dinner around the table, visiting

Television shows everybody watched and shared the next day

Holidays and festivals, Halloween costumes

Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Ten Commandments,

A Christmas Carol

Monopoly, spades, Old Maid, Jacks, Marbles, Jump rope, Hide and Seek, Candyland, Nintendo,

Pac Man

What books were read to you during childhood? In adolescence, what did you and your friends read? What was required reading in school?

Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, cricket, volleyball, tennis, horse racing, boxing, martial arts

What are your familiars born or culture; the cuisine, lifestyles, habits, gender roles and related responsibilities?

This was fertile ground for teaching how to think and behave. It taught you the social values and biases you regard today

Our familiar is as precious and part of us, as our family name

ONLY members of your group can and should define your familiar accurately

What and who are challenging our familiar?

Do they understand natural resentments that result?

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