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In God We Trust ~ Fleeing From Home

A Message to Sanctuary churches and organizations

Woe to those who take counsel from others but not from me, sayth God. They seek covering but not of my spirit, adding sin to sin. They turn to Egypt (America, Elsewhere) seeking support from their Pharaohs, mere men. Well, the strength of Pharaoh leaders shall be their shame and confusion will overflow them.

Who are you to them in a foreign land? They care nothing for people that they cannot profit from or use to increase their profits. They will disrespect and resent you.

Yet you flee from home taking your valuables on your shoulders to a land where you shall not profit. They will help in vain and to no purpose. God has told you that your strength is to be still and wait on the Lord. You need to write this down in a book, trust only God and teach this forever.

But man is rebellious, lying childing who turn from God’s law. You turn to advisors, seers, wolves who profit from your ignorance believing lies. They prophesy what you want to hear with smooth tongues that deceive. I warn you to turn from them, but you trust in oppression and the perverseness that will continue to lead you astray.

Therefore, prepare yourself for a breach due to your iniquity when your gain, when the high walls of treasures acquired will fall in an instant, breaking into tiny pieces and dust. Gone.

Then you will learn that in quietness, you will receive the confidence of strength. Yet, the stubborn will reject this truth.

They will flee on horses, airplanes, vehicles or walk long distances to reach a promised land, not promised to them, where they trust in false idols (money, security, other homelands). They seek a better life for their family without regard to impacts on native families.

The Lord is patient with loved ones and will wait. The Lord sends adversity and affliction as teachers of how to trust God for all things. God’s Word must be believed without turning right or left in honoring them.

Understand that when trusting God, abundance intended for you with overflow with increases that will bring healing to the nation. You will sing a song of gladness in your heart and enjoy solemnity at home.

Trust God and your enemies will be defeated.

Suppose sanctuary representatives who claim to follow all of God’s laws adhered to His plan for homeland building and recovery using citizens who trusted in honored promises to send overpowering brightness written in Isaiah 30, verse 26. Instead, they interfere, supposing that they are helping, but they enable flight. They should appreciate that every nation's training fields and people to tend them were planted by God.

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