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Homeland Truth

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

There is only one real homeland. It is where the heart resides.

Celebration of America’s 4th of July brought opportunity to recall Black American devotion to their homeland through military service. Service in every war since the French and Indian to current conflicts. We find abundant resources to present and confirm widespread patriotism, civilian and in uniform, Why? Because America is ADOS’ only Homeland.

What is Homeland? It is far more than the land of birth, but is embedded in hearts to serve willingly, joyfully, faithfully. Asking this simple question, prompted me to develop Every Homeland website ( Homeland is nationalism, allegiance, love of country. Homeland is where our ancestors rest.

More personally, homeland is re-established in some way as we assimilate, bond and form new alliances. The kaleidoscope that Rep. Barbara Jordan hailed as a truer reflection of Americans than the melting pot.

Diversity reflects beauty, adventure and opportunity to enjoy global cultures at home. To witness the wonders of God’s bounty in all its glory of history, traditions, languages and world views. Therefore, why are we so protective of our brand, group and home?

Blending augments the familiar that we love into something unfamiliar. The comfortable, known, family and community provide safe haven and protection to members. We resist changes and form defenses to preserve home. It is evident in all of nature. It is natural. When any new person arrives , he seeks a place of protection. Be he a migrant in the same country or an immigrant. Be he a college student or a military recruit. Again, a natural response for comfort, safety and survival.

An ethnic enclave is a geographic area with high ethnic concentration, characteristic cultural identity, and economic activity. In America there are thousands of ethnic enclaves representing every corner of the globe. Wikipedia lists 11 African enclave countries, 16 Asian countries, 35 European countries, Australia, 10 Middle Eastern countries, 9 Latin American and Caribbean countries, Canada, Islands of the Pacific and multiple ethnic and religious group enclaves. In many of these communities, made to be more "homeland" than American, people may live entire lives without speaking a word of English. Homeland rituals, traditions and holidays are observed. Knowing a member of the ADOS community or even a Native American is not a feature of their everyday lives. Yet, a nation of "one" with equal opportunity to succeed is what brings so many to our shores. How can we talk with each other as national members and partners?

This is a Homeland Truth to be accepted and understood rather than feared. Understanding this will allow us to move wisely and informed toward race relations solutions by fusing reality, simply stated and accepted about group interactions that explain "natural" discord.

How do we incorporate these truths into the race solution equations for harmonious co-existence between tribes, groups and nations?

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