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A Place called "ELSEWHERE"

Homeland Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, when a child was born it received two things, a homeland and a lifetime project to complete. In the homeland they had parents, family and community to teach and support them. The project is complicated and challenging but when completed it helps build the homeland. Kinda like a giant airplane model complete with instructions, glue and all the parts. Each homeland model is unique to what that home needs and when completed it marks success for the builder and home.

The great thing about each model, is that even if you are blind or allergic to the glue, there are ways to overcome the barriers to success with the support of your community. Most people worked hard, did their best job and left legacy to build upon growing their homeland. But, there are others who are not satisfied with their homeland project. They are wise, and feel themselves better than the model given. They become bored with their model. They covet the models that they see in Elsewhere.

“Their models are better than ours.” They feel slighted, feel that they were unfairly saddled with a home model. They want the better Elsewhere model. They decide to abandon home and feel justified in escaping to enjoy Elsewhere, where thy should have been born.

When more and more people escape to Elsewhere, homeland models needed to build and improve Home are stagnated. People become hungry, abandoned and open to exploitation. They could not afford to leave home. And home continues to decay.

But, Elsewhere suffers, too. There the people become angry that so many others are disrupting their way of life. So many others want them to share their models. The new people say, “we are smart, educated, and can help you with your model projects. We can build a better Elsewhere together”. And, they did.

But, the new people were not satisfied. “We like Elsewhere, but we miss people like us and want this to be more like home. Let us bring more people from home to Elsewhere.” Before long, Elsewhere was a confused group of different people from other homes, each seeking to own Elsewhere models and live Elsewhere lives but on their own terms. Not the terms issued by Elsewhere people.

“Who is entitled to own our Elsewhere home?” the people asked.

“You have no home.” Said the other home people. “Elsewhere is ours too.”

“Why could you not be happy at your home?” the Elsewhere people responded.

“Because your model looked better than ours,” the other home people stated.

“Then you should have made the model that you were given better.” Retorted Elsewhere people. “You come here to take our model and make it your own. You take a bigger and bigger share of what we were given to create a better home. You ignore the poor people that used to do better before you came here. And, you left your home that would be a better place with you gifts and talents. Now, everybody lives in the wrong place because they were not satisfied with what they were given to work with and nobody is happy.”

Just then a loud bell resounded and Dorothy was awakened. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she said, “There's no place like Home.”

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