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Leadership, how can you speak for people
that you  do not know or understand? 
Who Do You Represent?

Group Discussions 

Locate news articles, read for evidence of systemic racism, bias and emotions behind actions. Consider how society tolerates harsh cruelties as well as harboring a quiet and latent bias against others while appearing to be inclusive. What does it take to release these feelings and what sparks action? Who are the victims and who the perpetrators? How do we explain and justify bias? Where possible read COMMENTS and discuss how honest people can be when anonymous. They can also express common sense thoughts that are widely shared but politically incorrect to speak aloud. Finally, discuss how you believe that we should address common understandings to solve social and economic stratification issues at home and worldwide. 

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The Golden Rule


Do unto our nation, citizens, coworkers as you desire that they would do unto yours, respecting their boundaries, culture and entitlements that are their inheritance.


Hurting Others Can Last For  Generations

   When we consider that peoples are significantly altered after the humiliation of invasion and homeland conquer suffering domination, they may react to degrading definitions attached to them as losers, the defeated, controlled and weak.  Some may seek to distance themselves from such a homeland.

   They learn the history of that period, hear family stories of disgrace. For survival and uplift, pride must be restored. They must demonstrate to themselves and the world their true worth, individually and as representatives of their people. They overachieve, dominate weaker others, rank up for all to see but these are just surface offerings. They teach children to be the best, to dedicate their lives to top-of-the-class honors and that failure reflects on self, family and their people.

   Nations that bow to defeat after the trauma of subjugation, may act out in stereotypical pejorative definition ways formerly assigned to them. They are ever needy, begging, taking, crying and looking to the world to save them.

   Both categories of people reject homelands that are 'labeled' losers by history and the world. They seek Elsewhere homelands. These very actions pronounce that they believe that Elsewhere is a better place to live than in their homeland. They distance themselves as deserving better.

   They may not understand that these feelings and actions are rooted in homeland despair.

Learn Homeland Truths and Rules

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Addi Banks interviews everyday people about race and ethnic relations and more. Every voice matters I'm the race discussion.

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Understanding Race Relations In America Udemy 5 Lesson Course

What Do You Know About ADOS?

First .....  They are overcomers and achievers, 

Second .....  Talk with us as people who love their homeland

Third ...... 

We are not "others" we are unique because of our
culture and history


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Addi Banks Homeland Book
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From Here to Equality

Reparations for Black Americans In the

Twenty-First Century

William A Darity &

A Kirsten Mullen

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When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America By: Ira Katznelson

Waking Up White

And Finding Myself In The Story of Race

Debby Irving

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